Die Singer-Songwriterin Tabeah hat ihre wunderschöne neue EP veröffentlicht, auf der ich das Schlagzeug eingespielt habe.

“Beyond Ideas is a thoughtfully crafted debut EP by the German singer Tabeah. With her eight musicians – including a string ensemble, ambient guitarist Kryshe (Hidden Shoal), bass player Claas-Henning Dörris and pianist David Ehlers – Tabeah has created a sound that is moving between post-rock, baroque-pop and soundtrack. The flying melodies and vast ambient landscapes remind of Jonsi and Sigur Ros and make this music an electrifying and intimately moving experience. Tabeah shares stories of inspiring encounters with people within the Israel-Palestine conflict, Tibet and other places, with unusual depth of soul. ”

Tabeah on Bandcamp

a4177870171_10 Tabea Mangelsdorf (vox, piano)
Christian Grothe (guitar and effects)
Burkard Ruppaner (drums)
Jan-Bernd Bünnemeyer (bass)
Linda Effertz (violin)
Freya Jütte (viola)
Thekla Kersken (cello)
Wiebke Klün (double bass)

All music written and arranged by Tabea Mangelsdorf