My lessons are suited for players of all levels. In tackling practical and theoretical concepts, I will help you achieve your individual goals. The lessons can take place at my studio in Hamburg (Altona), Germany, or I can come to your practice room.

Playing an audition in particular can be a daunting task, but with the right instruction you can present yourself as the capable and professional player you are.


Get in touch!

Let me know some things in advance:
» What previous experience do you have?
» What do you want to work on?
» What are your goals
(playing live, prepare for an audition, …)?

Topics for your individual lessons:

» Hand and Foot Techniques
» Rudiments
» Sightreading
» Genre-specific Techniques
» Phrasing & Improvisation
» Sound & Timing
» Dynamics
» Polyrhythms & Odd-Meter
» Recording
» Equipment


Not a problem!

I offer one-on-one online lessons.
You only need a smartphone/tablet/computer and a stable internet connection.