In my own studio in Hamburg, Germany, I can offer high quality drum recordings arranging from pop to jazz with various drum setups and recording techniques. Check out this selection of previous works all recorded in my studio.


» Drumsets

Sonor SQ2 Series Beech Shells Medium   (20x18 Kickdrum, 10x8 Racktom, 12x8 Racktom, 14x14 Floortom, 16x16 Floortom)

Sonor S-Class Pro Series Maple Shells Light   (18x16 Kickdrum, 10x9 Racktom, 14x14 Floortom)

Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute   (18x16 Kickdrum, 10x8 Racktom, 12x09 Racktom, 14x14 Floortom)

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute   (20x16 Kickdrum)

» Snaredrums

Sonor SQ2 Series Beech Shell Medium (14x5.5, 12x5)

Sonor S-Classics Birch Shell Light (14x5)

Pearl Brass Super Gripper (14x6.5)

Ludwig Acrolite Vintage (14x5)

Yamaha Steel Shell (14x5.5)

Kirchhoff Schlagwerk Acryl (10x4)

» Cymbals

Zildjian (Constantinople, K-Special Dry, K-Dark)

Sabian (Legacy, XS20)

Meinl (Byzance Dark, Amun, GenerationX)

Paiste (Alpha)

» Drumheads
Remo (Ambassador, Emperor and Powerstroke3 clear/coated)
» Microphones

Sennheiser MD421-II

Beyerdynamic M88 TG

Beyerdynamic 201 TG

Beyerdynamic M160

SE Electronics SE7

Shure SM57 LC

Aston Spirit

AKG D112


Logic Pro


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We can work on your project on site or you can send me the files and I’ll get to work remotely. I can deliver the tracks raw or pre-processed in all common formats.

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